Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blogger Outreach Services in India on Rise or Not?

Blogger outreach services as defined is to find, pitch , engage and publish content with bloggers. In India blogger outreach activities are not much popular as there are few influences bloggers and on the other hand Indian brand and business man are not much aware of blogger outreach and management. Here the business man and digital marketing companies are more concerned with the SEO and paid advertising for getting traffic on there websites. Indian companies not making large investment on blogger outreach

If you take it as business of digital marketing companies means where they act on behalf of other companies to carry on activities of blogger outreach it is on rise and know as blogger outreach outsourcing.  Indian digital marketing companies has got skilled worker for outreach and they are acting for and on behalf of media agencies based in United States, UK, Europe etc. More of the SEO firms love to sell guest blog posting rather than outreach efforts. Megrisoft is a company which has got a separate team of outreach specialist and already contacted more than 5000 blog owners. 

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