Saturday, January 11, 2014

50 Things Every SEO Must Know about Search Optimization

Every SEO must know about answers of the following questions to be a suceesful search engine optimizer consultants
  1. How To Get A Bad Link Removed Without Being A Jerk About It
  2. How To Check For Bad Links That Are Getting Passed Through Via 301s That Redirect To Your Site
  3. How To Comply With The FTC’s Disclosure Guidelines
  4. How To Outwit Scrapers
  5. How To Curate Content Well
  6. How To Write What People Want To Read
  7. How To do Promotion of  Content
  8. How To Use The Disavow Tool
  9. How To Get A List Of All Your Links
  10. How To Check To See If Your Site/Page Was Penalized
  11. How To Determine If You Were The Victim Of An Algorithm Update
  12. How To Make Sure Your Content Matches The Anchor
  13. What Alternative Metrics Are (To PageRank); Where Can They Be Found?
  14. Which Advanced Operators Still Work & Which Ones Don’t?
  15. Why Load Time & Site Speed Matter
  16. How To Make Sure Your Links Work On Mobile Devices
  17. How To Choose Your Guest Posting Opportunities Wisely
  18. How To Conduct Seasonal Campaigns For The Entire World
  19. Why Class Cs Are Important
  20. How To Find Out If Your Site Has Been Hacked
  21. How To Find An Alternative For Any Tool That You Rely On
  22. How To Tell If A Site Is A Member Of A Network
  23. What A Redirect Chain Is & Why It’s Bad
  24. How To Use A Tool To Crawl A Site & Identify Problems
  25. There Is A Bing Webmaster Tools… Just Sayin’
  26. How To Do Much Of Your Job Without A Tool
  27. What Footprints Are & Why They Can Be Dangerous
  28. What Words Trigger Email Spam Filters
  29. What Evergreen Content Is & Why It Matters
  30. What Crowdsourcing Means, Why It’s Awesome & Why Some People Hate It
  31. How To Track ROI Of Links That Happen Well After An Event
  32. How PageRank Flows With Nofollows
  33. What Google Authorship Is & Why It Matters
  34. How To Tell What’s Normal For Your Industry
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  36. How To Tell If A Site Is Indexed In The Engines & What It Means If It’s Not
  37. Why Rankings Don’t Tell The Full Story
  38. …But How To Properly Check Them Anyway
  39. Why Link Placement On The Page Matters
  40. Whether Link Building Is Illegal Or Not
  41. What A Citation Is How Important is Local Citations
  42. What A Co-Citation Is
  43. Why Nonscaleable Methods Are Still Valuable
  44. How To Scale Outreach
  45. How Important is Blog Links
  46. How To Remove A Page From The Index If You Need To
  47. When To Recommend That A Deindexed Site Start Over
  48. How to Make and Use Disavow File
  49. What To Expect After You Submit A Reconsideration Request
  50. What Steps Should Be Taken If You Inherit A Link Campaign
  51. What An EMD Is
  52. How To Use The Wayback Machine
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